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Note Regarding the Front Cover: Just as Judas betrayed Jesus Christ with an exterior act of devotion, there are those who betray Our Lady of Fatima while showing exterior devotion to her.

By Christopher A. Ferrara

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From the beginning, the Fatima Message has been opposed. Arrogant men trusting in their own imagined wisdom have spurned Heaven's help. Unbelievers have scoffed. Even devout Churchmen have been skeptical. But of all those who have blocked the only hope for world peace, none have proven more treacherous than —

False Friends of Fatima!

      Fatima cannot be dismissed, but Fatima can be distorted! Enter the False Friends of Fatima!

                                                                        ... Pope Benedict XVI, regarding obedience to the Fatima Message

      All that stands in the way of obedience to Our Lady of Fatima must be cleared away! The False Friends of Fatima are blocking the only path to world peace and the restoration of the Church! They must go! And Ferrara sends them packing!

      False Friends of Fatima is essential reading for every Catholic; indeed, it is essential reading for everyone who wants to avoid the terrible chastisements failure to obey Our Lady will bring upon our already suffering world!

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